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That's a lot of crap! 

Some really smart people have figured out how much stuff we put into our heads daily and most of it’s not good.  The scary part is we have very little idea it's actually happening because we do it unconsciously.  Then, as we go about our lives, we bring this information back up with our thoughts. The experts tell us we generate Fifty Thousand Thoughts a day!

1. I'm not very good at that. 

2. Things are not good right now.

3. I don't have much money.

4. I'm not worthy.

5. I'm ugly.

6. My car sucks.

7. I hate my job.

8. I can't lose any weight.

and on and on and on.

There is a saying, not sure where I heard it, but it goes like this: “Change your conscious mind and you change for a day, change your subconscious mind and you change for a lifetime."

The drawing, as simplistic as it may be, is designed to say this: Until you train the elephant in your house to go outside, potty training the chihuahua doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Do yourself a favor, look into this subconscious stuff and clean up the dung in your head forever.