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Something must change

You've been labeled as someone who doesn't follow the crowd, but you continue following.  You've been labeled as someone who doesn't fit in with the cultural norms, but you continue to hang out with people who do.  You’ve been labeled as someone with crazy ideas and the labeling is taking its toll.

Something must change!


Now what? 

In Bill Bartmann’s book, Billionaire, he says telling others about your big goal or as he suggests, your promise, is smart.  People will force you to get specific about what you are going do and how.  They will ask questions, which will make you squirm, twitch, and look at the ground if you are not really serious.

I think Bill is right, if you don’t declare to the world your big plans, then you really don’t have any and most likely it was nothing but an egoistic moment or too many vodka tonics.

Are you serious about your promise?  If so, put yourself out there and let the fun begin.



The Red Button

How does this sound?

Get up every morning, drive to work, push the red button all day, drive home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed.  You do this every day.  You look forward to the weekend because you don’t have to push the red button. That button is boring, lifeless and mediocre.

The Red Button is the way we’ve always done things, the way we were taught.  It has served us well for many years.  It was once fun, exciting, and challenging but now it kinda sucks.   

There is another button out there with your name on it.  Go find it and look forward to Mondays again!