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Have a story to tell tomorrow


Are you one of those people who talk about what you watched on TV last night, or do you have a story to tell?  This drawing is about trailblazing, starting anew, and sometimes that messiness is scary. Being a pioneer is invigorating and can breathe new life into a bland, uneventful journey.  So tomorrow, when the water cooler gang gathers with almost religious discipline to share the past twenty-four hours, will you have the same, boring particulars you've shared for years, or will you tell them you are quitting your job to follow your heart?  Will you tell them you plan to live the rest of your life doing the things you want to do?  Will you tell them you don't know how you will do it, but you will do it?  Will you tell them that life is meant to be enjoyed, embraced, squeezed, and you plan to do just that? Now, that is a story worth telling!


Fast, Fun and Edgy

“Fast, Fun, & Edgy”

 As I prepared to venture into the writing world, I sought advice from many. The feedback was all over the board, but the best came from a man with just a few words. 

“So, you want to write?” he commented. “Do you have anything to say?”

“I think I do,” came my reply.

“People that think that, don’t,” he quipped, turning to walk away.

“Wait a minute,” I said, following him like wet dog, “I do have something to say, but my style may be a little weird.”

The man laughed.  “So, you have never really done any writing, and you already have a style!” Shaking his head, he continued walking.

“Damn right I have a style!  I create drawings with a message, and sometimes I add a blog to further elaborate my point!”

Chuckling, the man turned to face me.  “I see.  So, what do you call your style?”

Fast, Fun, and Edgy! 

“And if people don’t respond, will you consider slow, serious, and conventional?he asked. 

“No.  That’s not me, and I wouldn’t enjoy it,” I said.

“So, what was your question?” he asked.

“Well, I was wondering if you had any suggestions?”

“Go be yourself and enjoy,” he said, walking out the door.



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